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In Fair Verona

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If you are a man who thinks it’s funny to make misogynist jokes purely to make your female friends uncomfortable/angry, then you are a misogynist.  It is not “just a joke.”  You literally are finding humor in the discomfort and dehumanization of women.  You are not helping, you are not making satire.  You are just being misogynist.

Yes, this includes you gay men.

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desperately selling stuff I love
didn’t think it would happen, but things have gotten worse
after an appointment thing, I returned to my car and a tire was flattened
so a garage was called, and a guy came out to help- in the process of removing my tire, he snapped off two of the studs
then he left and didn’t take any responsibility for it ?? and I called my insurance place and got towed to a garage, where I paid $150 for a pair of new studs and a used tire
this is not okay and there is no way that I can afford to get my stuff from columbus (which will be tossed in a week or so?), unless I somehow make a substantial amount of money quickly (like $400??)
another issue is that I don’t have access to most of my possessions, and thus can’t get at any of my rad goodies to sell beyond what I have with me
so I guess I’m selling my Mother 3 Deluxe Box for $400 (with franklin badge, GB micro, and all the inserts, but no cartridge)
and I guess I’m again willing to sell my beloved Ibanez RG1xxv electric guitar with a hardshell case for $875 (the pink on here)
I don’t want to part with either, but I have no other options beyond begging strangers on the internet, which is a thing that I don’t want to make into a habit
please consider signal boosting

Please help Lilith out if you can



do whatcha want, whatcha want with my body (if ur rich)


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I get so mad when animal eaters say things like “Aww so cute” or “Look at those innocent eyes” or “Omg I love them” about animals they kill, eat and exploit everyday. Like you have no right to adore that animal and pretend you love and care for them.

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Anatomical Lecture by Dr. William Williams Keen (illustration for William C. Brownell, “The Art Schools of Philadelphia,” Scribner’s Monthly 18, Sept. 1879, pp. 737-50)
Charles H. Stephens (ca. 1855-1931)
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
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